AK Pistol Tapped Block

# TB-PAK-01

AK Pistol Tapped Block
(TB-AK-01) $20
-Designed for AK type pistols 
-Eliminates the need to tap the hard rear trunnion, just drill two holes
-Contoured to fit inside the rear trunnion on AK pistols, especially the Yugo M92
-Machined from A36 steel
-Includes longer screws
Install Tips

-The rear trunnion needs to be drilled with a 13/64 drill
-The holes are .625 center to center
-The position of the hole pattern is centered vertically and horizontally on the rear trunnion
-Once the hole locations are marked use a center punch to indent the
-Use a spot or center drill to make divots which help keep the 13/64 drill
on location
-Drill the holes with a 13/64 drill, you may want to start with a smaller
pilot drill.
-Use go slow and use cutting oil.