Stock Folding Mechanism- AR-15 Profile

# SFM-AR-01


Stock Folding Mechanism-AR Type (SFM-AR-01) $75

Use this Stock Folding Mechanism / Folding Stock Hinge to install AR-15 type stocks.
-Folds to left side of receiver -Hinge locks in both positions -Mounting bolts included


Custom Stock Folding Mechanism install
-The rear trunnion needs to be drilled and tapped using a #21(.159)drill
  and 10-32 tap(spiral point tap preferred)
-The holes are .625 center to center
-The position of the hole pattern is centered vertically and
  horizontally on the rear trunnion.
-Once the hole locations are marked use a center punch to indent the
-Use a spot or center drill to make divots which help keep the #21 drill
  on location
-Drill the holes with a #21 drill, some people start with a smaller
 drill and then follow with the #21
-Tap the holes with the 10-32 tap, a high quality tap makes a big
 difference in the operation, we use Cleveland brand but there are         plenty of good brands.
-Use go slow and use cutting oil on all drill and tap operations.